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What’s happening with Furnaces?

The new wave for the Province is high efficiency.

Since January 01, 2010  High Efficiency Furnaces have been the only thing available for installation or replacement of  older style Furnaces.

What does that mean for you?

The pros are better economy on the fuel consumption, with features available as modulating gas valves, ECM motors and a more controlled environment for your home.

The challenge comes in the arrangement for exhausting combustion gasses. Products such as 636 PVC (or CPVC) piping system or now other acceptable venting systems are required. High efficiency Furnaces can not re connect to the Chimney or B venting that might already exist.

For now venting out the side of a house is permited, where ridged codes for location must be followed.

One might also be taken back by the cost, as new Furnaces  are more expensive and difficult to install when compared to older, less efficient style Furnaces.

Choosing a Furnace is not too difficult as most have similar features. According to certain consumers magazines, the top five brand Furnaces experience very low call backs, and perform in a very tight low ten percent failure range.

Look for convenience for replacement parts, their availability, warranty and of course, price.

Happy heating.


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